Caring For Your Canvas


We Strongly Recommend Having Your Photo Canvas Prints Varnished To Protect Against Damage And Print Fading, We Offer This Service At £7 Per Order So If You Buy 20 Canvas Prints This Will Still Be Only £7

The beauty of A Photocanvas is that it is an exremely strong material, that said there are a couple of things to keep in mind with your canvas print. . It could be possible to scrape the printed surface off with an abbrasive material. Also, your canvas is printed with pigmented aqueous based inks. What that means is that the inks are water based. Do not clean with any type of solvent. All you need to clean the canvas is a light dusting every once and awhile Avoid Hanging Or Storing Your Photo Canvas Where it will Be Subject To Temperature Changes And Humidity.

Do Not Place Your Canvas In Direct Sunlight Or Any Other Intense Light Source

Do Not Place Your Canvas Above Or Near A Heat Source E.g A Radiator, Chimney Breast, Gas Fire Etc

A Stable Cool Dry Enviroment Is Best For Your Canvas Print

Most damage to stretched canvas is actually from puncture. Be careful not to puncture the canvas. Some people staple additional protection to the back of the box frame. use cardboard or gatorfoam to prevent pucnture from the back if you transport your canvas prints often.

You can add Varnish Protection to your Cart using the button below.



Add Varnish Protection on all items for just £7
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